Good morning World.


I was in my room one certain time and kept pondering why
sports especially football is a game of two halves i.e. The
first and second half.
Why is it that they don’t play through all the game? I also
thought why only first and second half, why not third half?
I love football so much, and I have got to find out that in
many occasion, the team that led in the first half don’t
normally win the game. There’s still another 45 minutes to
play where anything is possible.
The truth is that we all make mistakes in life but that
doesn’t mean we have to pay for them the rest of our life,
because there’s a second half where you need to step into
the dressing room and fix where you have gone wrong.
Thomas Edison after many failure too produce his light bulb
later came out with success by producing the light bulb. He
gave the light bulb to his assistant to take it upstairs for an
The assistant on the verge of reaching smashed the bulb.
You would have expected Edison to shout on top of his voice
or sack the assistant.
No, he didn’t but went back with his team to reproduce that
same light bulb. After being successful, it was time to take
the bulb for an experiment.
Edison came to his assistant and gave back the bulb to the
same guy, looking at his nervous and trembling hands said
to the young man ”TRY AGAIN, THIS TIME YOU CAN
CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE.” Those words boosted the
assistant and he did the job.
Beloved I don’t know the mistakes you might have made in
the first half of the year – Procrastination, lying, pre – marital
sex, cheating, masturbation, Gambling, Jealousy, etc
This is the time to correct your mistake and come back this
second half of the year better so you can be at your best.
You are the best, never allow sin make you lose sight of your
vision,love u all.


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