Missing Nigerian girls: 11 parents of abducted girls die from stress and attacks


In just three months, seven fathers have been killed by insurgents and at least four more parents have died of heart failure
Kampala and Lagos cablecars: commuting through the sky
Skin-lightening: ‘black is beautiful, but so is white’
‘Bring back our girls’ and Boko Haram: a campaign in vain
Missing Nigerian girls: what have celebrities who backed #BringBackOurGirls done since?
Missing Nigerian girls: whatever happened to #Bringbackourgirls?
Nigerian schoolgirls’ families meet Malala

Missing Nigerian schoolgirls: Boko Haram issues new video mocking BringBackOurGirls campaign

Malala calls for action to help Nigeria schoolgirls

Six giant Chinese projects shaping the world
MH17: the clues which may lead to missile launch site
Israel’s offensive in Gaza has ‘killed more children than fighters’, say human rights groups
British airlines advised to avoid Tel Aviv over Gaza rocket attacks
Friend of Boston bomber suspect arrested over gun link
Michael Schumacher ‘could be moved home within a month’
Indonesia elections: Jakarta governor ‘Jokowi’ wins but rival rejects final results
Al-Qaeda snubs caliphate by renewing allegiance to Taliban
South Korean ferry owner found dead
Luxury New York apartment building with ‘poor door’ for low-income residents
Sir Michael Caine and Julie Christie call for Venice cruise ship ban


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