Don Jazzy advices Nigerians about Ebola, directs them to a page on


Mavin boss and music producer, Don Jazzy  has gone on twitter to advice Nigerians about the deadly nature of the Ebola Virus. In a series of tweets just after the huge success of his Dorobucci video which premiered online on new daily videos website,, Don Jazzy directed all his fans and Nigerians to get information about the Ebola virus from a special page created by the Comeseesumting team pooling together videos and other content about the virus. Continue…

He says its time for everyone to take the Ebola Vrus seriously and get as much information as possible n how to avoid being a victim of the virus.

The special page is located here

The ComeSeeSumting Ebola page gives you a 60 second quick look along with a full documentary on Ebola and the history of this disease. The page also keeps you informed with all the latest stories on Ebola and you can also sign up to receive Ebola updates.


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