Wizkid Gave In Benin, P-Square Gave In Niger, Celebs Donate To ALS!What About Home Land?

Wizkid Gave In Benin, P-Square Gave In Niger, Celebs Donate To ALS!What About Home Land? –


Wizkid who had a very interesting show in Benin republic after performing to the crowd of 30,000 two days ago, decided to visit the needy and share some quality time with them, sharing gifts items like food and wheelchairs. How sweet and humane of him.After Wizkid did his good in Benin, he experienced a feeling of self- righteousness, sorry self-fulfilment and took to social media to show his exemplary attitude worthy of emulation. He said make someone smile today. Wow!
Wizkid’s tweet reads: ”Food and wheelchairs for the less privileged. This won’t do nothing for them but I pray God keeps and protects everyone! God has a special plan. Make someone smile today!bless!”
Few months back, popular music duo, P-Square went to Niger republic and there they shared lots of gift items to the less privilege and also spent quality time with them. After their good deeds, they said ‘givers never lack’. Nice and humane as well and very worthy of emulation.
While I feel happy that they are giving out to the less privilege in other countries, I am most ashamed. My shame is coming from the fact that our Nigerian celebs got head down into the ALS ice bucket challenge, wearing clothes and making videos so people can watch them scream, donating money again to a foreign course when our own problem is killing us in Nigeria. Click Genevieve Nnaji In Ice Bucket Challenge (Watch) to read.
How many stars have come out to donate one kobo to fight Ebola in Nigeria? Just a few. The ones creative at best go to social media to pull off their clothes, then tell you to wash your hands and blabla bla!. It’s a shame. Charity begins at home. Do good to all men and not just for recognition. There is God and he is seeing us. I love you guys o, just making an observation.


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