MBFW: backstage at Art Hearts Fashion show with the Red Door Spa team (part 2)

SEB Market BK

When we left off with Part 1, the models had been made up by the Red Door Spa team, and most had filed into the staging area for their clothing and last minute instructions from the design teams and producers. Of course I hung around as long as I could to glimpse the hair and clothing combinations!

Atlaf Maneeshia:



Designer Altaf Maaneeshia offset his sculpted designs with this messy, frowsy take on an updo. The makeup wasn’t overdone, just a great clean eye with a bright lip. Futuristic in an 80s way.

2. Furne Amato:



Furne Amato‘s beautifully ethereal clothing was featured on models with deep parts and ballerina buns. Severe and classic. So Black Swan it hurt.

Gregorio Sanchez:


gregs1Gregorio Sanchez’s colorful, feminine designs were accentuated by an Evita Peron style do. the whole thing was so Carolina Herrera!  Dignified, but punchy, and hot. Loved the…

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