Nice and truth write up by Stella Njideka ezeh About Tboss#BBNAIJA

As they give me 6-7 reasons to hate & not vote for her. In their reasonings & explanations, I found out 16-17 reasons to fall more deeply in love with her and will continue to invest in her.
I mean, how can you hate someone because she wears tattoo? How can you hate somebody because she pierced her body? How can you hate someone because she is a half cast and doesn’t represent a typical Nigerian? How can you hate somebody because you presumed she is proud? Somebody you never met? How can you hate someone because she is reserved and likes to be on her own space? How can you hate someone because she is not entertaining?
A lady who gives you something to talk about at every given moment, to the extent that people who re not even watching the game has heard so much about her.. She divides opinion, causes chaos both in & outside the house with her dazzling beauty, maturity, her elegance & spotless lifestyle, yet she is not entertaining.
I want to make something clear to everyone who is reading this piece of writing. People should be allowed to do what makes them happy. In life, our happiness is utmost important cos it makes us leave a healthy lifestyle & expand our life span. Stop judging people, stop eating or killing yourself because of how somebody decides to leave his or her own life cos its non of your dam business. It is not in your hand to judge or condemn them.
As I write this now, somebody is somewhere feeling bad, hating me, judging me & condemning my actions, for engaging actively in this campaign. People always want u yo reason like them, think like them, behave like them because they think they re better than you. But again who their negative connotations EPP? Cos I really don’t give a bloody dam as far as I’m happy with what I’m doing.
I’m also the kind of person who likes to divide opinion. I don’t follow crowd, I maintain my own identity & style. I’m not interested in what anybody does…. And I’m happy leaving my life like that cos looking back in my life I have never had much regret cos I reason very well before taking any action.
Have never voted in a reality show prior to this period…. But I can longer stand the hate & injustice directed towards this wonderful lady, especially from my Facebook friends who has been insulting and abusing & calling her all sorts of terrible names. I decided to take it upon myself not only to defend her, but to go extra mile in mobilizing people via my campaigns for her. I’m investing on her to show all of them there is no how hate should be allowed to win love…. Love is the best thing you can ever give ur fellow human.
Love & justice is what I represent… I have so much love love inside of me to the extent there is no room for hate, not even to my enemy. Let us embrace & appreciate people exactly the way they re & leave God to do his job. Concentrate on ur own life, in being a better person so you can make heaven.. That’s the purpose of our life isn’t it?. So please Get a life & stop dying in silence today.
To my wonderful team & every fan of the Boss around the world,please we have only today & tomorrow to achieve our aim, let us triple our effort to rally round to deliver the crown to the Queen cos she deserves it. Go to schools, market places, churches, mosque’s and all the strategic places u can find around you, to campaign & use peoples phones to vote. We need as many sim card as we can get.
Thank you all, and may God toward all of us who has invested & stood for this lady to rewrite the wrong. Don’t forget the password, Vote TBoss 32O52. #TeamBossOfAllBosses


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