Man Arrested For Impregnating Schoolgirl

A 44-year old man, Edafiake Augustine, has been arrested for having sexual contacts with a 12-year-old girl and impregnating  her, Warri, of the Delta state.

According to the Nation, the pregnancy came to light after the expectant mother (name is not disclosed), a primary four pupil, was forced by her parents to undergo a pregnancy test, which confirmed her to be 3 months pregnant. The girl immediately confessed that she had been lured by their neighbour, Edafiake, into sexual act.

Augustine had been taking advantage of the schoolgorl, when her step-mother was out to lure her into bed, adding that her abuser had been giving her between N1,000 and N1,500 each time he slept with her, warning her not to tell her parents.

Although a father of five denied ever having sex with the girl when confronted by her family, he seemed to have opened up to his own relatives, who had reached out to the pregnant girl’s family to plead for settlement.

Corroborating the allegation against Augustine, his wife had alleged that she had been suspicious of a foul play between her husband and the adolescent. The accused is still in custody as the case under investigation, police authorities insist that he would be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, the family of the pregnant girl would either have Augustine marry their daughter, paying the full bride price, according to Urhobo tradition, or be made to face legal action.


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