Military Jet Loses 2 Tires, Almost Crashes At ‪Yola‬ Airport

A military jet was on Friday involved in a near crash at the Yola Airport, Adamawa State, after the aircraft lost two tires while it was trying to take off.

According to The Punch, the jet is believed to be one of those being used for aerial bombardments of insurgents in the North East, including Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states.

Reportedly, the incident occurred at about 2.30pm. There was panic among airport users and workers when the engine of the aircraft, which was already taxing, was suddenly switched off.

When the alarm was raised, airport officials, fire fighters and security operatives, were quickly mobilised. Some of them were driven to the scene in a white patrol van to ascertain the situation.

The initial rumour was that the jet was on fire, but the officials debunked this information when they returned from the scene.

Thus the airport’s runway was temporarily closed to traffic.


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