Nigeria at 54


Arise o’compatriots, she loves u bcos ure part of her, no matter wat she cant be divided cos a part cant function independent of the other,,, we have the ability and intellectual capability to change and make her better and great once again,,, many have fallen on the verge of actualizing her dream, nigeria, others have taken the way of efcc chains, politics has lost its true meaning articulatively, light is now darkness as bulbs are no longer in use while the fortunate spend 200% of their salary on diesel, the corrupt enjoy while the honest suffers,, we will end this now!!! Becos no matter wat we are nigerians,, weda boko likes it or not,,, i see a nig whr USA is denied visa,, whr light pursues it owner,, whr 1 cup of garri will be 50k, whr roads tiled and interlocked,, whr its economy will be the best in the world,, whr 3 consective world cups will b played ,, whr a policeman will be paid 500mil ,,, boko membas will preach peace and 1 nation ,,whr a house in lekki is as cheap as N100 per month lolz,, whr …. xo manys ghud tynz ah wish fr ma beloved naija!! God bless nig bless africa and the word





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