Woman Hospitalised With Potato In Her Private Parts

A 22-year-old woman, from Colombia, who was hospitalised with acute stomach pain, used a potato as a contraceptive following her mother’s advice.

According to Colombian media, doctors treating a woman for stomach pain were shocked to find a very unlikely cause for it – a potato inside her vagina. The discovery was made when the woman, from the central Colombian town of Honda, went to hospital complaining of abdominal pains.

Later the young lady confessed that she was advised by her mother to use the technique to avoid becoming pregnant. But by the time doctors discovered the potato, it had apparently germinated and grown roots inside her. However after removing it, doctors confirmed there would be no lasting damage to the woman’s health.

The unnamed woman told doctors, “My mum told me that if I didn’t want to get pregnant, I should put a potato up there, and I believed her.”

The bizarre case sheds light on a lack of sex education and awareness about contraception in young people. It was also reported about the lack of ‘sex talk’ between young people and their parents had created a void of information. This, in turn, had created high levels of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.


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